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World Of Whitetail

Background and History (Incorporation)

The World Of Whitetail is a non-profit, conservation organization, founded in 2000 and incorporated on November 21, 2001 in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.  Although it was incorporated under the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan, it is a Canadian organization that now has a presence in Manitoba as well as in Saskatchewan.  

The World of Whitetail fully supports conservation of wildlife and outdoor habitat as well as ethical and sustainable hunting practices, recognizing that hunters have become essential partners with governing agencies in wildlife management.

As we become more urbanized, we've lost the connection with this natural world.  The further we get from the wild, the less we understand it.        Wade Davis, Anthropologist.

The organization was founded by local hunters and conservationists with the intent of promoting and supporting ethical hunting, conservation of habitat for all wildlife, enhancing hunter/landowner relations, and most importantly, providing outdoor education for all youngsters.  The founding members are:

          Joe Warbeck

          Duane McKeen

          Don Fenwick

          Murray Everett

          Lorne Vargo

Ethical hunting, conservation and education are three of the cornerstones of the World Of Whitetail, which firmly believes that hunter recruitment and retention must be first and foremost in the long term plans for the success of hunting as a sport, as an important part of our tourist industry, and as a source of revenue for the province.

Over the past several years, World Of Whitetail financial support was directed entirely towards outdoor youth education, more specifically towards the following programs:

          1)          Saskatchewan and Manitoba Hunter Education and Firearms safety programs, where the World Of Whitetail reimbursed youngsters for successfully taking, and passing, heir Hunter Safety/Firearm Education programs;

          2)          HOFNOD (Hooked on Fishing, not on Drugs program, currently being delivered by SACO (Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers)

          3)          Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Outdoor Youth Programs - the World Of Whitetail annually provides funding to the SWF to assist in delivery of such programs.

The World Of Whitetail currently raised funds through membership sales, raffles and dinners and auctions.  All funds raised in Saskatchewan, are spent almost entirely in Saskatchewan, with some Hunter Education/Firearm Safety funding going to Manitoba.   

Please refer to the EXECUTIVE section for the listing of our current Board of Directors.  For more information, contact any of our executive or Joe Warbeck, President, at: (306) 789-4860 or (306) 533-1830, or by forwarding an e-mail to: .


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